Resources for Supporting Families with a Member in the Military


Resources for Supporting Families with a Member in the Military


A recent email from our colleagues at ZERO TO THREE highlighted the fact that May is the Month of the Military Caregiver. I’m passing along two children’s books that they  mentioned (see below), as well as two websites with additional resources.


Sparrow is a resource for caregivers and parents to read with very young children who are learning to cope with a caregiver or parent who has been injured, physically or emotionally, while on deployment. The book explores themes relating to loss, healing, hope, resilience, and, ultimately, the power of parent-child love. It is connectedness that helps young children and their families cope with challenging events and circumstances. Learn more about Sparrow online. Available in both Mama and Papa versions.



Home Again
Dorinda Silver Williams

This children’s book is written to address the needs of families with young children who are experiencing the return of a parent who has been deployed with the military. Although these reunions can be exciting and joyful, they can also be stressful, both for the adults and for young children. This resource explores the many emotions young children may feel at this time and also helps the parents understand the children’s reactions and behavior. Sharing this book can help a family readjust to life together after a long separation.


Additional resources for supporting military families are available at and




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