Youth & Family Resource Coordinator Job Opportunity

The role of the Youth & Family Resource Coordinator is two-fold. The Youth and Family Resource Coordinator will work intensively with a set group of individuals and families who are facing the risk of homelessness or are currently homeless by providing housing case management and coordination of services. Additionally, the Youth & Family Resource Coordinator will provide resource coordination and universal home visiting to individuals/families needing specific supports to promote and strengthen parent resiliency.

This position promotes optimal family health & well-being using the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. The Youth & Family Resource Coordinator will work collaboratively both internally and with community partners to provide resources, referrals, and tools that support program participants in developing life skills that will lead to an increased quality of life.

Desired Qualifications for Knowledge/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Human Services, Counseling or a related field; Familiarity with housing/homelessness resources in Washington County; Knowledge of risk factors associated with domestic and sexual violence and their relationship to homelessness, as well as knowledge and experience working with issues of poverty and substance abuse; Experience working in home or community settings with families and children, home visiting experience preferred; Experience working with families with complex needs; Knowledge of resources in the community along with ability to teach simple life skills, including budgeting, healthy eating, and personal safety skills;

Must be detailed oriented and be able to maintain accurate records and prepare comprehensive progress reports, as well as develop and track self-identified goals; Must demonstrate the highest ethical standards and be able to effectively communicate the goals of the Family Supportive Housing Program and the collaboration with grant partners; Familiarity with regulations, laws, and procedures of the Vermont Agency of Human Services preferred; Ability to pass any required background checks. Up to 40 hours, year-round.

Please email resume, cover letter, and three references to Janine Gallagher, Youth & Family Services Director, at until May 13, 2018.

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